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Final Adventure is a concept store combines both our passion for travel with our obsession for stylish and functional travel gear that can be worn everyday.

Establish in 2020 after a 3 year journey around the world, we wanted bring back home the adventurous spirit, style and fashion that we experienced during the 3 year adventure.

It more than just a store. It's a guidepost and destination for other adventurers and aspiring travellers. A collection of not just fashion and gear, but also travel stories, history, culture, and curiosities from around the world.

We hope we can inspire you to explore the world more, and to help you find the gear you need no matter where your Final Adventure is.


It started with a 3 year, 73 countries, around-the-world trip.

In 2017 I quit my job in the tech industry to travel and explore the world.

What was initially a 12 month plan to visit a few countries became 16, which became 18, and before I knew it I have been travelling for almost 3 full years and have passed through 73 countries on 5 continents.  

While travelling, I realised I wasn't 20 anymore, and I no longer wanted to wear Goretex shell jackets or camping backpacks while wandering through the streets of Shibuya, Soho or Doha.

I wanted gear with more fashion and style, in the spirit of adventurers in real life and fiction such as Rudyard Kipling, Indiana Jones and Ernest Hemingway.

We love functional and rugged gear that wouldn't be out of a place on an African safari, yet stylish and casual enough to wear on a day-to-day basis, in an urban environment.


We're the sort of people that sits up all night weighing our backpacks and dopp kits to squeeze in an extra 100 grams on the plane. We test water-proofness of our boots in the shower. And we carry test carry-ons on flights to make sure they actually fit under the seats.

And then we make sure it doesn't look too weird to wear and use on a day-to-day basis.

We test and curate the best gear, on functionality and style, so you don't have to.


We know efficient delivery and dispatch is important. So we offer free domestic delivery for orders >$200.


When we are not travelling the world we are based in beautiful Sydney, Australia.

While we source our collection from global brands (products mostly designed & made in the US and Europe), we are 100% locally owned and operated.