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The Luxury SUV of Messenger Bags

Runner-up in the 2015 Carryology Awards for Best Work Messenger Bag

  • Hand made in San Antonio, Texas
  • Ultra-rugged and durable
  • Thick 9oz US Leather & Solid Brass Hardware
  • Messenger bag mode + Backpack mode

If Indiana Jones was shopping for a bag online today, this is the one he would pick.

Designed by Guy Rubio, a geologist from Texas, the original Porter Satchel was used by Guy for exploring limestone caves and coal mines of Utah.  It was always designed to be tough, rugged, and used in the great outdoors, in the harsh natural environments on Earth.

You'll know what this means when you get your hands on one of these - the leather is thick and tough, and the stitching and construction is immaculate.  There's nothing here that makes you feel less than 150% confident that it'll survive everything you can throw at it, no matter what cave you're exploring or mountain you're climbing.

With the thick leather and solid hardware, this is not an ultralight messenger by any means, but it's not trying to be light or fast.  This is the ultimate luxury SUV of messenger bags.  It's probably not be something you need since there are basically no adventures that requires this level of durability or quality, but it's definitely something that everyone wants once they lay their eyes on it.  It really is that beautiful.

The bag also has a clever design feature in that it can be used both as a backpack and as a messenger bag, depending on how you set the straps.  So for most use cases, you can have it in messenger mode for easy access to your cameras, water bottles and notepads, but when the carry gets heavy you can switch it to backpack mode for comfort.

This is an amazing bag in every way, and one of the most unique items we have in our collection.

See here for an interview and visit to Bexar Goods' studio in San Antonio, TX, to learn more about the guys that made this bag.


The Porter Satchel was meticulously designed to be one of the most unique products available. It features materials that are fit for a lifetime of abuse and love, sharing every adventure with you. 

The design of this bag stems from field adventures of Bexar Goods Co. co-founder, Guy Rubio. Pursuing studies as a field geologists, Guy was eager to find a bag that could not only hold all of his gear, but also survive a descent into a rugged limestone cavern. Guy was able to find these capabilities, and more, in the Porter Satchel. He went on to test the limits of the bag in the coal mines of Utah, and even as far as the dense terrain of Iceland. 

The Porter Satchel features a simplistic design- one main carry pocket, and a shoulder strap that can be worn as a backpack or a satchel. The main carry pocket can accommodate electronic devices, such as a laptop or an iPad, as well as notepads and dopp kits. The Porter Satchel can also house clothing and essential carry items, allowing you to get away for a weekend exploration. 

Vegetable-tanned 9 ounce harness leather from one of the oldest tanneries still operating in the USA. The leather will naturally darken with exposure to the elements and your everyday lifestyle.

Solid brass hardware-- buckles, D-rings, and single large O-ring, and copper rivets were because of the metal’s strength and unique weathering characteristics of the metal.  Each copper rivet is hand set and peened over our anvil for a nice rounded finish.

Hand-stitched construction using the time honored saddle stitching technique.


Approximate size: 15.5" wide x 11" tall x 5" deep (39.37cm x 27.94cm x 12.7cm)

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