Open Billfold Wallet


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The iPhone of Wallets

  • Simple, clean, beautiful lines and silhouette
  • Functional cash pocket and 6 card slots
  • Made from the famous USA Horween Leather
  • Made in USA

MAKR wallets are the iPhone of wallets.  They're both based on a design philosophy that's not so much about what they have, but more abut what they don't have.  Cutting out the unnecessary and superfluous while maintaining the core essence and purest purpose of the original product.

This is a simple, classic wallet in functionality and design.  It doesn't have extra zips, slots, clasps or metal parts.  But what it does have is the most elegant and clean lines you'll find on any wallet, plus impeccable stitching, all on the highest quality USA Horween leather you can buy.

You can see this in the product photos, and feel this in person once the wallet is in your hands.  It's the purest form of a leather wallet, and an item for someone who appreciates quality and substance, over style and unnecessary bling.



Six interior card slots with one large cash pocket. Fits all currency and up to 3 cards per slot. Machine sewn, handsewn, rolled and painted edges.


  • Made in USA
  • Dimensions: 4.25" × 3.75" × 0.5" (10.80cm x  9.53cm x 1.27cm)
  • Tan - Tan Wickett and Craig English Bridle Leather
  • Black - Black Horween® Chromexcel Leather
  • Bark - Bark Horween® Chromexcel Leather
  • Ox Blood - Ox Blood Horween® Chromexcel Leather
  • Tobacco - Tobacco Horween® Latigo Leather

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