Eyewear Case


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A simple eyewear case for sunglasses and glasses.  Made to beautiful MAKR design specifications - no unnecessary features, bulk or bling - just a pure and elegant eyewear case, made from the best materials and impeccable construction.

Made in USA with Horween leather.


Snap front closure. Machine sewn and handsewn, edge painted with brass hardware.


  • Made in USA
  • Dimensions: 6.75" × 2.75" × 0.5–1.75" (17.1cm × 7.0cm × 1.3cm-4.45cm)
  • Saddle Tan - Saddle Tan Horween® Leather
  • Black - Black Horween® Chromexcel Leather
  • Bark - Bark Horween® Chromexcel Leather
  • Ox Blood - Ox Blood Horween® Chromexcel Leather
  • Madeira - Madeira Wickett and Craig English Bridle Leather



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