Stockholm Lightweight Raincoat


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The Quintessential Scandinavian Raincoat

  • That classic raincoat look!
  • Confident and Tough Polyurethane Material that won't fail
  • Lightweight version for easy carry
  • Suitable for warmer weather than the heavier classic version

If you were asked to imagine a raincoat in your head, this is probably the silhouette you would come up with.  It's that classic look with the long sides, the hood and the buttons down the middle.

Designed for moody Scandinavian weather, this raincoat has that melancholic style and feel to it.  It's made of Polyurethane - so while it's not as breathable as our other raincoats, it simple feels tougher, more rugged and gives you more confidence in harsh conditions.  Unlike Goretex shell jackets where waterproofing could potentially fail due to dirt or poor maintenance, this PU layered coat will not.  The construction and PU outer layer really does give you that much confidence once you have it in your hands, you can feel the waterproofing.

This is the Lightweight version of the standard Stutterheim Stockholm raincoat.  The standard version is actually quite heavy, and as travel experts we would recommend it for home wear but not to carry on your journeys due to the weight.  To us, this Lightweight version is the most practical usable version of the two - while the standard is even tougher and drapes a little better, it's also meant exclusively for colder weathers where ventilation and breathability is less important.

If you're looking for that classic raincoat look, and want a single raincoat that you can keep at home for stormy weathers, but also to carry with you tropical rain adventures in SE Asia or Costa Rica, this is the one!


Introducing Stockholm LW – a lightweight version of our best-selling style, the iconic, unisex Stockholm raincoat.

Stockholm LW quotes the original, but in a lightweight and packable material, perfect for warmer climates and seasons.


  • 100% PU (polyurethane), membrane in 100% polyester.
  • Designed in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Made in Poland.

USA MEN 36 38-40 42 44-46
UK MEN 36 38-40 42 44-46
EUROPE MEN 46 48-50 52 54-56
SWEDEN MEN 46 48-50 52 54-56


Melancholy, when embraced rather than feared, can be a powerful catalyst for creativity. With this maxim in mind, here begins the story of Stutterheim.

On the small island of Arholma in the Stockholm archipelago, Stutterheim founder Alexander Stutterheim discovered his grandfather’s old raincoat in a barn, shortly after he passed away. This classic fisherman’s raincoat, heavy, durable and timeless, provided the inspiration for the first Stutterheim raincoat, the Arholma, and continues to inform the modern interpretations we produce today.

We’ve come a long way since then, but we’ll never forget where this journey started. Follow in our latest footsteps below…

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