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Karl 48Hr Backpack


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The Ultimate Full Size Carry-On

  • Opens flat like suitcase
  • Lots of Room - 44L Volume
  • Relatively lightweight at 1.9kg (for a bag of this size)
  • Comfortable padded strap to handle the weight

A good full size cabin carry-on is hard to find.  They need to have a good volume-to-weight ratio so your bag's weight doesn't end up taking up all the airline's carry-on kg allowance.  And it also needs to have an intelligent opening/packing system so you can find and take individual items out, without having to unpack and repack the whole thing every time.

The Karl 48hr backpack is an amazing carry-on that has taken all these requirements into consideration.  It's as big as you can get it while still being an airline legal, but it weighs only 1.9kgs.  It's extremely spacious inside with 44L worth of space, which is enough for a long weekends (or more if you have good ultra-light packing discipline)

And most importantly, it opens flat like a luggage suitcase, so you can pack and unpack easily, unlike backpacking bucket-style packs.  Anyone who has had to fish something out of their carry-on on a plane will know how useful this type of opening is!

This is our recommendation if you're looking for a full sized, airline approved carry-on.

For a similar but smaller backpack we have the Alex 24hr backpack, and the even smaller Charlie 12hr backpack for day-packing use.



The Karl 48h+ Travel Backpack is a great companion for a long weekend away and a good alternative to a trolley. It is hand luggage approved with all airlines and can fit up to 44 litres. 

It has a classic, timeless look but is full of practical features. By opening it from the back it gives easy access to your laptop and lets you pack it like a suitcase. 

The fabric of the Karl 48h+ Backpack is waterproof. Just make sure you close the zippers properly, then biking through the Dutch rain is no problem.


The fabric of the Karl 48h+ Backpack is made from 43 recycled PET bottles.


  • Great alternative to trolley
  • Cabin luggage approved with all airlines
  • Can be packed like a suitcase
  • Padded 15" laptop compartment
  • Padded back panel for great comfort
  • Padded shoulder straps for great comfort
  • Chest strap for extra comfort when the bag gets heavy
  • Removable, yellow travel pouch
  • Inside pockets to keep things organised
  • Front pocket
  • Polyester made from recycled PET
  • Nylon zippers
  • Leather strap with metal closure
  • Nylon rip lining
  • Size
    • Min: 33x47x18cm
    • Max: 33x73x18cm
  • Volume
    • Min: 28L
    • Max: 44L
  • Weight: 1.9 kg

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