Top 5 Countries You Must Visit!

"What's the favourite country that you've visited?" 

That's the most common question I get asked after telling people I've visited 73 countries in 3 years.  

In truth, it's difficult to have a single favourite - it's like your favourite foods - sometimes you feel like a certain flavour, and other times you prefer another taste.

But if I had to choose - there are 5 countries that stand out in my mind, that I can recommend to every aspiring traveller.

So whether you're looking for your next Final Adventure, general inspiration, or are just curious to learn a bit more about our world - here is our Final Adventure's Top 5 Countries to Visit!

5. Ethiopia

Imagine a beautiful country with spectacular mountains, medieval castles, Christian churches, and thousands of years of history.  No - this isn’t Italy or Greece - but it’s the African equivalent of Rome, the cultural centre of Africa that you've probably never thought about!

Visit the famous rock churches of Lalibella, where the church is literally carved from solid rock, or the European-like fortresses of Gondar. Admire their unique writing system, clothing and religion, and feast on delicious Ethiopian food and coffee (yes their coffee is the absolute best in the world!)!

As a relatively undiscovered tourism destination, Ethiopia is still full of authentic and pure local experiences.  Where else can you go for a 5 day hike into the remote and beautiful Ethiopian Highlands, 4000m above sea level, and be welcomed by friendly local villagers who are more than happy let you stay with them, and show you their way of life?

Staying in a village with no electricity, water or roads, and watch how the locals maintain their farming style with so much genuine happiness and contentment is an amazing and humbling experience. 

Ethiopia is an excellent alternative to your standard luxury vacation or adrenaline-hunting adventure, for those looking for a more spiritual and rewarding holiday!


Get out of your comfort zone and explore one of the weirdest and most adventurous destinations in the world!

Bolivia - a country that’s mix of fascinating native South American culture with some of the best daredevil adventure activities you’ll find anywhere in the world.

Why weird?

Let’s see - there’s the dried sacrificial baby llamas, the dinosaurs, the take-a-stick-of-dynamite-into-the-mines adventure, and the budget Eiffel Tower built by Mr Eiffel himself. And that’s just off the top of my head! Bolivia is full of these surreal and wonderful little experiences!

And for adventure seekers - only in Bolivia can you visit a still operational silver mine and climb down into unmapped mine shafts with working miners.  All the while holding a stick of dynamite (that you just bought from the convenience store) in one hand, and a bottle of 90% proof alcohol in the other.

Or if you're more into adrenaline sports - don't worry, Bolivia is full of adventurous activities that's probably illegal in other countries!  For example, try the inspiring Death Road bike ride - a heart thumping adrenaline rush where you ride downhill for six full hours, down a 65km cliff-edge dirt road that’s sometimes only a few metres wide (hence its name for being the road with the most fatalities in the world!).

Bolivia is not an easy place to travel, and is not for the faint hearted.  But if you're into extreme adventures and want to explore a corner of the world that's culturally like another planet, and is amazingly beautiful in its own unique way, Bolivia may be the place for you!


This is the magical Arabian Nights adventure that you’ve always dreamed of!

While Dubai is a modern Middle-Eastern Las Vegas, and Saudi Arabia is unfriendly and off limits to most non-Muslims, Oman is the perfect middle ground that’s authentic, genuine and friendly! 

It's the place to experience the best of Islamic culture, and a perfect mix of scorching desert, dramatic mountains and peaceful waterholes.  And did I mention the scenery is absolutely amazing?

Start in Muscat where you can visit their modern Grand Mosque and Opera House, that showcases the best in modern Islamic architecture and culture.  Hang out in the local souk, and enjoy the hospitality of the friendly local market fruit and fish sellers.

Then drive out of Muscat and visit the beautiful Wadis (waterholes), where you can swim in clear blue/green waters surrounded by fish.  Explore vast medieval castles.   Visit a desert camp in Wahiba Sands and experience local Bedouin culture, and stay overnight in a local tent if you’re ready to brave the heat!

And don’t forget that Oman has mountains as well - do the awe-inspiring Balcony Walk at Jebel Shams with its dramatically ragged cliff drops, and see why they call it the Grand Canyon of the Middle East!

I love Oman for the generosity and genuineness of the locals, the go-anywhere, freedom to explore Oman in your own leisure feeling, and the beauty of its deserts, mountains, and waterholes.

You need to visit Oman at least once in your life!

2. Vietnam

Vietnam - the country with everything!

Fascinating culture, amazing food, incredible scenery and instagrammable photos everywhere. It’s the number two spot on our list, as if you had to pick a country with a bit of everything Vietnam would be it!

More than Banh Mi and Pho, Vietnam is a culinary paradise for foodies! A mix of delicious South East Asian cuisine with French-influenced cooking techniques and recipes, you will never run out of something delicious to eat in Vietnam.

From the obvious Banh Mi and Pho there are also Cha Ca (fried fish), Banh Xeo (crepe wraps), Bun Bo Hue (beef noodle soup), Cha Gio (fried spring rolls) and Gou Cuon (fresh spring rolls) - eat anything in Vietnam and it’s almost guaranteed to be something you’ll remember for life!

In addition to food, you won’t be bored with the endless photo and instagrammable opportunities. There’s the picturesque riverside town of Hoi An with lanterns and yellow colonial style buildings, the faded yet majestic Chinese/Korean style imperial palace of Hue and the maze-like streets of Hanoi.

And then of course, there’s natural insta-famous location of Halong Bay, and the lesser known but equally beautiful caves of Phong Nha waiting for you to canoe, swim and explore in.

And we’re not even done yet - Vietnam is so full of experiences, there are still beaches, Soviet-era monuments, historical Vietnam War museums and memorials, and modern Saigon to explore. Vietnam really has everything, and is an almost perfect tourist destination! 

1. Chile

Our number one destination that you must visit is - Chile!

Chile has the best, the most beautiful, the most wide-screen, IMAX jaw dropping scenery in the world. It has the best hikes and wilderness activities, and travelling through Chile is like living in the most beautiful nature documentary you’ve even seen on TV!

The most famous is obviously Patagonia. Wide open pampa plains with jagged mountains (see the famous Torres del Paines!), surrounded by crystal blue rivers and almost fluro-blue glaciers, Patagonia is amazing. Whether you want to hike it - single day hikes or multi-day camping trips, or ride through Patagonia on horseback with local Gaucho cowboys, Patagonia is one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful region on Earth.

And then there’s the lesser known but equally majestic Atacama desert region, on the northern edge of the Chilean/Bolivian border. 

This is the driest region on earth, where you can run down giant sand dunes and walk through valleys that looks and feels like Mars! While other places in the world (such as Wadi Rum in Jordan) has been used by Hollywood to film martian scenes, Atacama is where NASA actually tests out their Mars rovers for future missions. 

Chile is the most beautiful country on Earth, and as nature lovers who loves the awe-inspiring hikes and majestic landscapes of Chile, it's definitely the #1 destination on our list!